Flawed M1 Garand Stock Cartouche Information

Several people have asked me about the stock cartouche information in the M1 Collector's Guidebook by
Jesse Harrison.
After carefully checking the drawings and text, I regret to say that they are full of errors. The drawings do not match the original cartouches, and the text has errors in the type and placement of cartouches. Mr. Harrison went to a great deal of effort to create wrong information.

For example, the Ordnance Wheel drawings are all the same design, and do not match any originals. The letter lines in the SA and WRA stamps do not match the letters in the original stamps.
Compare the drawings below to these photographs of original stamps.
There are several sellers of Garand stamps on Ebay. The stamps are made using the designs in the image below. If you find a stock with stamps that match them, you know they are restamps, and should limit the cartouche premium for the stock to $45.

Click to enlarge

Since there are so many stocks around with new cartouches, it would be a good idea to limit the cartouche premium on ALL stocks to $45. Use the money saved to buy more rifles.