Van Gogh paintings I especially liked at the
Van Gogh and Kroller-Muller Museums

Boulevard de Clichy

Chapel at Nuenen with Churchgoers

Seascape at Saintes Maries

Farmhouse with Two Figures

Four Cut Sunflowers

Japanese Bridge in the Rain

Japanese Oiran

Langlos Bridge at Arles with Women Washing

Le Moulin de la Galette

Les Peiroulets Ravine

Old Tower at Nuenen with Plowman

Orchard in Blossom Bordered by Cypresses

Plow and the Harrow

Potato Eaters, Kroller-Muller Museum

Potato Eaters, Van Gogh Museum

Self Portrait with Felt Hat

Skull with Burning Cigarette

Street Scene in Montmartre; Le Moulin a Poivre

Stuffed Kalong

View of Montmartre with Windmills

View of the Roofs of Paris

Vincent's House in Arles (Yellow House)