1958 Schwinn Mark II Jaguar



The Internet made this project possible. Everything required for it came from people advertising parts and services on the Schwinn forums and searches conducted by Yahoo!

Schwinn built the Jaguar Mark II in 1957 and 1958 as their top-of-the-middleweight-line. It replaced the Phantom as Schwinn's best model.

My father gave me a bike like this for Christmas in 1959. It was the best friend I had while growing up, and rode it everywhere for 7 years. I lost track of it the summer I learned to drive, and got interested in cars. In 1997 I found the Schwinn Collector forum, and noticed that there were people as interested in bikes as cars. After learning about ebay, I thought it may be possible to get a bike like this. After a 2 year search, I found the bike and got all the parts needed.

Pfeiffer Pframes did the repaint. It took longer and cost more than I expected ($380), but they did an excellent job. If there was another bike to paint, I would send it right to them.

During the shakedown ride, I was amazed that this bike FELT just like the bike I had. Picking it up requires the same amount of muscle the other bike needed in 1967.

Restoring this bike is going to save money, as I am so happy with it I
don't want a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow anymore.