Bob Clark and Chase Laughery, USMC

Bob Clark was born in 1932. He enlisted in the Marines in 1949, and was stationed in Puero Rico until 1953.

Chase Laughery is Bob's grandson, and enlisted in the Marines in 2013. He completed his basic training in May, and has been stationed in San Diego, California.
Chase and his girlfriend, Sarah got married after his basic training, and will live off base in San Diego while Chase trains on the use of artillery and other heavy weapons.
The pcitures were taken in May of 2013, and show Bob giving his granddaughters and Chase instructions in the Manual of Arms.

Bob holding an M1 Rifle for the first time since 1952.
His finger is NOT on the trigger, as taught in basic training.
Sight picture still looks the same.

Q. How old do you feel right now, Bob?
A. 18.
Chase handling a Garand for the first time.

It feels heavier than an M16. Left shoulder arms.

Order arms. Port arms.

Tim and Mary are proud that their son is a Marine. Travis could be in a remake of the movie "Stripes" .

Right shoulder arms. What would Sgt. Carter say about that smile?

Port arms. Sweating the details.

Order arms. This is too much fun not to smile about.

Bob giving Chase his marching orders. Mary, Sarah, and Killer.

Port arms. They WANT to harass Sgt. Carter.